Defects Management
  • E-mailed to trades

    New or outstanding defects are seperated daily and e-mail to the responsible companies with the option.

  • Add a Photograph

    Option to take a photograph for a defect to show the problem.

  • Markup drawings

    Place marks on a drawing to indicate where the defect is within an area.

  • Synchronised between devices

    The defects recorded on one device are automatically shown on the other devices to reduce duplication.

  • Work off-line

    A connection to the internet is not always required, so work in remote places. As soon as a connection is available the information is automatically synchronised.

  • Subcontractor access

    Allow subcontractor access so they can indicate when the defect has been completed.

  • Purchase Options

    System can be rented on a monthly basis or purchased with the option for self hosting or by us hosting on your behalf.